Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh happy day

For Bug's 11th birthday, I told her that we could paint her and Nan's room and get new bedding for their beds (Bug got her bedding probably about 7 or 8 years ago...I managed to find the matching set for Nan's bed when Ande and I got married 5 years ago.) Needless to say, the girls are a little tired of it, and want to upgrade to something a little more "grown up". (You know, because at 10 and 9, respectively, Bug and Nans ARE grown up...LOL)

Last weekend, when both girls were home, I took them to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they could find a color scheme they could agree on. It's hard, because they have different tastes, but I told them they had to agree on something or we wouldn't be doing anything. The girls talked it over and decided that they wanted their room to be "sunset" colors (like orange/red/dark pink). I said that was fine - and they found a comforter that was the color scheme they wanted and I was okay with buying.

I interrupt this important programming to tell you that Puckey was just combing my hair for me, and she said, "You look SO pretty!" What a sweetie. Last night she was singing "You are my sunshine", but when she got to the end, she sang, "Please don't take my mama away." Talk about melting my heart!!

Okay, so back to the bedding...I went back and forth in my mind about going ahead and getting the comfortors they picked, because there were only 2, and Bug's birthday isn't until the end of May. This morning I decided to go ahead and get them. I grabbed Puckey and The Jib (and some 20% off coupons) and headed over to BB&B. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled with my purchase!! Let me break it down for you:

2 Liz Claiborne Twin Size Comfortors - Regular price $99.99 EACH

2 Liz Claiborne Twin Size Sheet sets (to match the comfortor) - Regular price $59.99 EACH

2 Liz Claiborne "Breakfast Pillows" (Decorative pillows) - Regular price $39.99 EACH

(For those of you who aren't so good with the math, that adds up to $399.94, and that's not even for the whole set shown in the picture on the package)

Now, those of you who know me know there is NO STINKIN' WAY I would pay that much for some bedding. I'm just too cheap. So how much was my total bill???


Are you sure??

You're gonna be JEALOUS....

The total, including sales tax, was $87.51!!!!

Yeah, you read right. Everything I got was on clearance - I got the sheet sets for $9.00 each!! I'm going to hunt up some more coupons (I love the fact that you can use the coupons from there even if they're long since expired, as long as you have an item for each coupon you use) and go back to get a few more sheet sets - I can use them for curtains, throw pillows, seat it's always nice to have a couple of extra sets handy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE some bargain shopping!!!