Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey Dev - remember this?

This picture is from our stop at my dear friend Devin's house on our way to Oklahoma way back in May.  I'm terrible about getting pictures off of my camera in any kind of speedy fashion.  LOL

My girls and Dev's boys became fast friends, and spent Saturday morning/early afternoon playing outside together.  Next time we will definitely have to plan for a longer stay though.  I felt like we were just getting started and we had to leave!

One of these days I will have to write about our trip.  But today is not that day, as I think I am going to brave the beach today.  It's supposed to be 89 degrees here, and while I LOVE my a/c, my girls would LOVE the beach even more.  :)

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You know I love a good giveaway, right?

So my dear friend Devin is hosting one on her blog.  Check it out by clicking HERE.  Make sure you enter to win as well....