Saturday, May 22, 2010

Learning new stuff

So, many of you know that we don't watch TV.  We don't even OWN a TV.  We used to own one, but when we moved in Dec 2006 we just left it in the garage.  I think we held on to it for about 2 years before we decided to sell it on Craig's List.  So we don't watch TV.  I have no idea who's on American Idol, what happened on Grey's Anatomy, or who shot JR.  (HA!  Remember those great cliff-hangers from the 80's?  LOL)

Actually, we could watch many of the shows that are on TV via the internet, we just choose not to.  There are some shows we do like, and we have a membership to Netflix, so we DO watch TV shows/movies sometimes.  It's just not as convenient as flipping on the television.  :)  One of the main reasons that we chose to get rid of TV was because of all of the garbage that was so easily accessible.  Not that it's not easy to access online, but we can keep track of what is being viewed on our computer, and block the stuff we don't want our kids (or ourselves) to watch.

Anyway, the girls recently discovered Dora the Explorer.  Although I find the show itself somewhat annoying, I have to admit, the girls ARE learning a few new things, which is kind of cool.  Just the other day, Jib said, "Momma, turn red, turn 'rojo'!"  The girls greet each other with "Hola".  Every now and then I'll hear them saying different Spanish words to each other.  It's pretty neat to hear the learning/using a second language.