Thursday, August 16, 2007

Skebadi O's

This is a picture of Puckey and Jib (their names have been changed to protect the innocent....
I love it when my little Puckey (my 2 year old) says Spaghetti O's. Since she says many words very clearly, it makes it even funnier to me when she asks for "skebadi o's". She also likes just plain spaghetti (skebadi noonels). This morning we had "wassles and shawshages" (waffles & sausage) for breakfast. She likes to eat "corners" (corn), too. Kids are so awesome.

Puckey is at the age now that she'll repeat just about anything she hears, which can make it tough to have a conversation. She also just says things to complete strangers that suprise and amuse them. This morning some Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by and when I answered the door, Puckey says to them, "come on in!" Good times, good times.

Of course, my husband was most thrilled when she said one of her first words (other than momma, daddy, ba ba) was "STARBUCKS!". I type it in all caps with an exclamation point because that's how she said it. Ande is trying hard to pass on his love (or more accurately ADDICTION) for Starbucks on to our children. We even go to story time at our local Starbucks (Thanks Katie for the great stories).
Hmm...Puckey just walked by and smells suspiciously like stinky diapers, so I guess I need to go. Besides, I have to go wash my sheets since she decided to color on my pillowcase with the green crayon she had previously been content to color my toenails with. What fun.


icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I just read that Ms. Pucky was born on the same day as my Bean! What time? Maybe we were both holding our lil' ones for the first time... at the same time.

Lila also repeats everything. Today I heard her tell Bunny that she looked "gorgeous" and it cracked me up.

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I like your insight.

Julie said...

Puckey was born at 11:40pm - what time was Bean born?

Thanks for reading my comments, I have really enjoyed your blog as well.