Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When Blessings Abound

Wow, what an astounding week our family has had. It's been so full of God's love I just cannot even put it into words adequately enough.

Last Wednesday, a friend of ours surprised us by bringing all the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast. What a generous and thoughtful gift! She said she'd been thinking about us and wanted to make sure we were able to have a nice dinner for Thanksgiving. The extra food came in handy, because...

On Thanksgiving, we were blessed enough to have some of Ande's family over (the total number of people at our house that day ended up numbering 21!!!). Some of his relatives came from Wisconsin, and much to Bubber's delight, two of the boys stayed the weekend with us.

On Friday, my sister & her family came, and we had a delicious brunch of waffles & bacon, then munched on leftover Thanksgiving goodies for the rest of the day. My dad even stopped by for a while, and gave my sister and I a laugh about his request to my sister earlier in the week to be the "executioner" of his estate. (I guess that would be funnier to you if you know my dad). He also informed us that we would be his beneficiaries, but that it was subject to change. We cracked up, and asked him if he was getting married or something. Anyway, we had a nice visit, and my dad seemed to be really happy to see all the kids.

Saturday I took the kids to visit my mom, whom I haven't visited in a looooong time. It's a story that would take me too long to tell, for those of you who don't know the details, so let's just say that it's been a tough few years. Anyway, we had a pretty nice visit, and the kids wore my mom's new puppy out. By that evening, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.

Sunday was fairly restful, and Monday was spent trying to catch up on some laundry that had been piling up. Tuesday was spent on a bit of housecleaning, and preparations for Ande's cousins to come visit again.

Which brings us to today, Wednesday. Money's been tight lately, especially with Ande trying to get an amp built to be ready to ship by this weekend - last minute purchases have really added up. So we have been praying about our finances, and trying to spend what we do have wisely. We received a card today with a significant amount of money in it, probably enough for Ande to finish his amp and maybe a little left over!!! I cried when I opened it.

My dear Lord - I know that you will always care for our needs, because you care for the birds in the sky and the flowers in the fields - and we are so much more important to you. What amazes me is the depth and breadth of love and generosity you so freely pour out to us to fill our needs! You know exactly what we need, and you ALWAYS are there to provide it when we ask. Help me to have a generous attitude, as you have given those who have given in your name to supply for our needs!


Anonymous said...

It is so awesome to see the Lord work in the lives of those who love him. It is also cool when God whispers in your ear the things He would like us to do. That is why it is so important to take time to hear what he needs to tell you. There are days when I wish that he would just beat me over the head...I am so glad that things went well and that you were able to spend some time with your parents (mother included). It is very hard to honor thy mother when mother deals out hurt. I have one of those too! Just wanted to drop by and let you know I love you! May the blessings keep "aboundin" through the Christmas season.

Lutz Family in OK said...

Woo-Hoo! Do the praise songs sometimes back up in your brain because you start singing all of them at the same time? He is so good, ALL the time. I am glad that you were blessed and aware of where your blessings are flowing... Your family is in our thoughts often. My heart rejoices with you!

Melany said...

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision! I am so thankful that we could see you over Thanksgiving! I enjoyed seeing the kids too- it was fun to catch up on the lives of the older ones, and the little ones stole my heart- especially the little monkey!!! :) Love you!

Melany said...

ps I promised to give you my blog address too... If you want to check it out it's :)

ps 2 We'll be praying that everything works out for Ande with the amps!

Jules said...

hope you don't mind that I have borrowed your prayer to add to my blog. Sometimes I forget.