Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And we're back....

Wow, I can't believe how fast the last several days have gone! I've been trying to limit my computer time, and I usually choose to use my alloted time to check blogs instead of write in mine.

So, a few updates:

My aunt Kathy is still in the hospital, but slowly improving.

My sister-in-law's sister is still with her parents and seems to be doing better all the time.

My MIL is in OK visiting my BIL and his family.

I'm recovering from a UTI, but feeling better since Ande forced me to go to the clinic on Friday night (we don't have health insurance, so all I could see were $$$ floating out of our already limited account) Hooray for free antibiotics from Meijers! (With a prescription, of course)

The motorhome has had a little more demolition done to it, but between the weather and other obligations, we haven't done much work to it this week. I've got the fabric and the zippers for the cushions, I just need to make my patterns. I'm holding off because we might be changing the seating configurations, and I don't want to make covers for cushions we might not use. Well, that, and have YOU ever tried to make a pattern on your kitchen floor with a 2 year old and a 1 year old in the house? Yeah, not an easy task.

We're on "spring break" here, but it's about 37 degrees here (but feels like 24 with the wind) and it's been spitting snow on and off all day. The kids are less than thrilled.

The Jib ALMOST walked the other night. She was standing at the coffee table, and she let go. She started to take a step towards me, then realized she wasn't holding on to anything and grabbed the table again. Oh well - she makes up for her lack of walking with her complete mastery of climbing. Given the right set of circumstances, she can climb into her highchair all by herself. Who needs to walk when you're Spiderbaby?

Got the kids' registration for summer camp (UPBC) taken care of this weekend. They're pretty excited.

Found out Nans' mom is planning on moving as soon as school gets out. Still wondering what we are going to do on Ande's weekends - doesn't seem quite right that he should have to spend a total of at least 6 hours of his time driving to pick her up/drop her off each time she comes to visit.

Haven't really had any terribly funny or exciting stuff happen in the last several days, so sorry if this post was boring. I'll try to make it more exciting next time!! Hope all is going well for the rest of you in blogland!!


12-arrows said...

my kids are less than excited over the weather issues too, but Colson is sick so we are just laying low, watching videos/playing games/doing laundry/ you know the usual.

Sorry about you being so sick. Thats awful glad you are better and the meds are working.

I didn't know Nan's mom was moving. How terrible for her and Ande. Why? she doesn't have a clue sometimes.

Destini said...

It sure sounds like there's been a lot going on! I continue to pray for the Nans situation.

amanda said...

Thanks for the updates, you are so good about that!

I can imagine making patterns with the kiddos around is impossible! Laughing helps, the work might not get done, but at least its not so frustrating when you laugh about it! (Remind me of that when necessary!)

I forgot to get you my email, but remembered again when I read about your MIL visitng your BIL in OK.

Praying for your family and the changes...

Zac and Jenny said...

Glad to see you're staying busy. Make sure you take pictures of the cushions you make and show them to us! I love stuff like that :)

Enjoy spring break with the kids.


Anonymous said...

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