Thursday, September 18, 2008

Being that I'm from Michigan, this article really hits home:

Click here to read a great article about the economy, and how who we vote for in this presidential election could make or break it.

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Holly W. said...

That's really dangerous to consider an opinion piece from Phil Gramm (remember, he's the McCain economic advisor who said that the economy is strong and that the US is just a nation of whiners) to be journalistic fact! He obviously has an agenda, and that is to make people like you scared of Obama. Unfortunately it's working! The best thing you can do during this election season is to read objective, fact-based articles- not opinion pieces, which are usually just that- opinions!

I also want to comment on the other article you put up there about Democratic fundraisers backing McCain. Do you know how this woman is? She's married to a British noblemen, lives in England, and is very rich! Calling Obama "elitist" is simply ridiculous!!! How can Obama be elitist? He was raised by a single mother (partly with food stamps), he just recently paid off his student loans- he didn't get a free ride to Harvard because his daddy could pay tuition- he only has one house (compared to McCain's 7-9 houses- he can't even keep track), he only has one car (McCain has 13)! So what makes him elitist? Because he has a good education? Because he's smart? McCain finished at the Naval Academy at the bottom (or second-to) of his class. Our current president isn't all that smart, and look where that's gotten us!

Finally, I'm sorry to hear about your (husband's) grandmother. My thoughts go out to your family.

p.s. I'm a concerned US citizen who just happens to live abroad. What I've learned by living in Europe is that government that can offer its people health insurance, a social safety net, free education (that includes college) is simply better in line with my ideology as an ethical Judeo-Christian- I don't need a lecture about God and Jesus. I'd really like to know why you think that health care for children and help for those who are having financial troubles are bad things. In today's economy, a lot of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but you should know that better than me- I haven't been on American soil in over a year.