Tuesday, October 28, 2008

VIDEO Tuesday Tip O' the Day...

For a special treat today, I decided to share a little video that comes from the era of my "Household Tips and Tricks" book...enjoy.

Now, this is not at all what our family dinners look like. I think I'll make the kids watch this and tell them that it's going to be our new standard.

After they get done laughing their heads off, I imagine they will get back to the important stuff, like arguing, bothering each other, making messes, etc.

I miss the "Good Ole Days" and I wasn't even there...

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Brandi said...

Oh my! I don't remember them being in my house last night filming this! This is exactly how we dine every night. ROFL!

We really do sit at the table each night without the TV. We feel it is the best time to discuss the day's events. But this is actually a little overboard, even for the era it was set in!

Love your Tuesday Tip O' the Day!