Monday, February 2, 2009

My sweet little Jib is taller than the average 3 year old. And she just turned two today. WNBA here we come! LOL

Now I need to find Puckey's measurements from her two year check-up and see how she measured up. (Hey, I used to remember all that stuff, but when you get to #4 & #5, it's hard to keep track)


Devin said...

Woman, would you send some of that height our way please? Cameron needs it, actually....he is in the 99th percentile of height combined with weight. (That meant, the nurse scowled, that he either needed to grow up or stop growing around....)

E could use some too...height is just not on our side over here! With me stretching at 5 feet and Shane at 5'5", we are just not destined to have tall boys!

Happy birthday to both Ande and Jib!! I'll drink (well, you know what I mean) to 6 more weeks of birthday celebrations, that is for sure!!

amanda said...

Well, if the WNBA doesn't work out, there is always modeling... like you want to subject your daughter to that craziness ;)

Do you think she gets her height from you or Ande... you know I couldn't finish that question with a straight face!

Hope you had TWO fun birthday celebrations today!

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday to your crew. I think groundhog day makes a great birthday. My dad would have never remembered my birthday if it hadn't been on a holiday.

Julie said...

Ha! Thanks Amanda! Just because my two year old is more than half as tall as me....LOL