Sunday, March 22, 2009

The End is Near

In about an hour, our local Krispy Kreme will be closing it's doors for good.

So long, soft, warm, yummy glazed donuts. I first met you in San Diego (and nearly missed the flight home) just over 6 years ago. Thank goodness I was in much better shape then, for all the running we had to do at the airport...

I've kept you at a distance for a long time in an effort to keep my waistline from getting any bigger...but tonight, I actually stood in line for probably 30 minutes to buy a dozen of your sweet, circular bits of heaven on earth. I'd forgotten how much I liked you.

However, I don't like you enough to drive to Troy, Allen Park, or Grand Rapids to get you again anytime soon.


Mom2-2goodboys said...

If you ever decide to head down my way for that sweet, circular bit of heaven, would you kindly stop by and pick me up so I can go have a Krispy Kreme donut with you?

Devin said...

Oh man. Parting IS such sweet sorrow!

I don't have those by me, but I both wish I did and am glad I don't! :-)

amanda said...

what a downer... I conned my pops into buying me fresh & hot donuts my last two trips to MI... no way will he drive for them though!