Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Tip O' the Day

Well, I went for a physical a few weeks ago, and other than being overweight, I am pretty healthy. The only thing my doctor suggested is more exercise and for me to start taking Fish Oil. YUCK! (On both fronts! HA!)

I've taken Fish Oil before, because I know it's good for me, but I always end up burping up a fishy taste for the rest of the day, which is extra gross since I HATE fish. The last time I took it was before I found out I was pregnant with Jib - once morning sickness kicked in, that was the end of that.

My Tip O' the Day? If you take Fish Oil, take it at night before you go to bed (with a small healthy snack). I did that last night, and it didn't bother me a bit! I like it when I can do something good for me without unpleasant side effects.

To my Irish friends....Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Although St. Patrick was actually Scottish)


Brandi said...

Thanks for the tip. My hubby's doctor just told him to start taking fish oil. I will give him this bit of info.

Thanks again

Mom2-2goodboys said...

So true! We have been taking fish oil for years! Some brands are worse than others for that fishy after taste. Nordic Naturals brand is not bad, but I just found Carlson brand from Norway and it has a very pleasant lemon flavor and hardly any fishy after taste. Even my kids don't mind taking it.

amanda said...

so, what is fish oil do for a body? and if you eat fish do you still need fish oil???