Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello, Gorgeous!

subtitled: Tuesday Tip O' the Day...

When you have lovely tulips blooming in your yard, bring some of them into the house so you can enjoy them all day long!!!

I picked these in the rain this morning, and was able to catch this great picture of the raindrops still clinging to the petals.


Shelly said...

oh, i love tulips! ours have already come and gone! enjoy yours!

amanda said...


nothing says "spring" like tulips. I don't know if they grow around here - I haven't seen any. So thanks for the picture of yours =)

Brandi said...

Love the tuplips, and the one with the rain, gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing.

Devin said...

Ours have come and gone too...those are so pretty Jul!

Michelle said...

What an amazing picture you took.

I dont recall being on your blog before.

I know you commented on my blog so I came over to visit but for some reason I thought I had been here. Yes, it's a mommy moment. I'm going to take a few minutes to look around...so far taht picture of your naked child had me cracking up!!!