Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tip O' The Day

Your tip today is ultra practical...

When your husband is installing your brand new marble tiles, make sure that if he sets anything like, say, the mortar bucket ON said tiles while working, that he places something like a towel UNDER the bucket. That way you won't find a bunch of swirly scratches on your tile while you are washing it and preparing to put the sealer on so hubby can put the grout in.

However, if, in fact, your husband does NOT place something soft under the bucket and you DO find a bunch of scratches, don't panic. Get online and find instructions for removing the scratches, breathe a sigh of relief, and mark that down as a lesson learned.

Carry on.


Devin said...

Ugh! I was cringing...right up until the part about you being all practical and finding out a way to get those scratches out. That's my girl!

amanda said...

phew! blow-out argument diverted! =) Gotta love the internet, huh? Cannot wait to see the finished product!