Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun and easy craft

I have recently become a fan of Prudent Baby. This site has all kinds of great ideas for crafts for kids (and/or grown-ups). Many of these items would make GREAT gifts, or a quick, easy, and fun project to do for yourself.

Using the instructions found on this post, I created a trivet using some cute Valentine's scrapbooking paper I found at the Hobby Lobby.

I have found lots of other papers that I will be probably buying to make more of these little trivets. They didn't cost much, and don't take long to make, either! Try making one (or more) for yourself!


amanda said...

that scrapbooking paper is adorable! I always love a new crafty website!

good job on your trivet!

Julie said...

Thanks Amanda! I thought that paper was SO cute I just had to get it!!

You will probably find lots of cute ideas at Prudent Baby as well.

Devin said...

Ooooh! Love it, as usual! (You should add those to your Etsy, girl! You're getting so crafty, you're going to have to get a new name--you're going way beyond Bows and Bibs! Good thing you have that MORE in the title, huh!?)