Monday, February 22, 2010

Projects projects projects

I seriously think Prudent Baby is becoming one of my favorite blogs to visit. Jaime and Jacinda have lots of really cute (and often VERY inexpensive to create) projects for little ones. I've made a number of the craft items that they have listed tutorials for.

The following tray is loosely based on the DIY Tray tutorial that can be found here. I made it for my cousin's baby shower. The tray retails for $3.99. I got it for $1.99 because some wonderful stranger came up and handed me a 50% off coupon. YAY for the kindness of others! First I painted it with 3 coordinating paints (I just bought little tubes of acrylic paint, they were like .59 a piece at Michaels. I bought some stickers that would go with the paint to spell the baby's name, plus some Winnie-the-Pooh rub-on transfers. If you have absolutely NO artistic ability, these babies are a LIFESAVER! I got the transfers at JoAnn's. So I applied the stickers and the transfers, then sprayed the whole thing with a clear top coat. I think I sprayed 3 layers of clear.

After the paint was nice and dry, I stacked the other gifts I had purchased for the baby on the tray and tied it off with some ribbon. Puckey added the Husky from her own collection of toys. She's so sweet.


Mom2-2goodboys said...

Julie! I love that tray!! Very nice job you did here.

Devin said...

Julie, that is AMAZING. I am continually in awe of the neat things you create and do! That tray is just the coolest--I think it would be neat for a display in a bedroom, even! I love that kind of thing. Great job my friend!

amanda said...

that is AWESOME! great job, it looks super, and will be useful there are always so many itty-bitty things to corral with a baby around.

creating things is such fun!