Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cute accessories are essential

Jibby in a pair of baby legs I made.  She's got pudgy little hamhocks, so I think these look just adorable on her!!
Jibby in a bow I made to go with Puckey's Christmas outfit, just so happens to be great for St. Patrick's Day as well...
Puckey's cute little piggies. 
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!


amanda said...

wow! i can barely wrap my head around the fun to be had in accessorizing your girls! love it!

Julie said...

It's pretty fun, I must admit. Although boys are much easier (and generally cheaper) to least the boy's clothes they have now are much cuter than they were when Brendan was a little boy. :)

I'm just glad I can make most of accessories the girls have, because I'd surely have to get a job to be able to afford it if I had to buy them!