Friday, March 12, 2010

Leg warmers for kids...

I've seen baby legs on several different sites and just thought they were SO cute.  Of course, I saw them once my babies weren't actually babies anymore.  Then I ran across this post at Prudent Baby and knew I could use this to make some leg warmers for my pre-school girls.  So super easy and cute! 

With this pair I sort of cheated, because I did not make a "hem" at the bottom.  The material these particular socks is made from just rolled up at the hem all on it's own, and hasn't shown any signs of fraying or getting stretched out.  The other socks I bought for this project all need to be hemmed, which is why I only have one other pair done.  :)   Puckey likes it because I have socks that match her legwarmers...because why throw away a perfectly good pair of 'feet' once you've cut them off the socks?

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amanda said...

SO adorable!!