Monday, June 28, 2010

And it's getting bigger all the time

So...we've decided on a floorplan for the "new" motorhome...the good news is that we can re-use several appliances we salvaged from the original motorhome.  The bad news is that what we've decided to do will take a lot more time and money than we originally anticipated.  However, considering that right now we only have about $1000 invested in the RV (which is what we paid for it 2 years ago) and a new one with the floorplan we like is at least $64,000, we're off to a good start.  LOL

I'm very thankful that Ande can do all of the construction stuff pretty much by himself (meaning we shouldn't have to hire any of the work out) and I can sew the cushions and make the window coverings.  Our biggest expense will be constructing the "box", but there are plenty of things we can do while we're saving up for that.

Oh, and the toilet AND the shower are staying.  :)


Devin said...


That is soooo cool about the RV! I know what you mean about Ande being able to fix things and do it himself...that is the ONLY way we can do anything around here! :)

amanda said...

you WILL take pics of the the work in-progress, right? pretty please?


and really, what a bargain... as long as you spend less than $63000 you will end up ahead, right? =)

Julie said...

Yes, I have been taking pics along the way, and will continue to do so. :)