Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great supplier for the home theater enthusiast.

Many of my readers know that we don't own a television.  I think most of you also know that we DO have a home theater.  We watch movies and programs using our DVD player or computer, a projector, and a large projection screen.  Ande is especially keen on getting the best possible picture on our screen, which is where the following information comes into play.
I'm posting today to tell you all about a great website that sells A-MAZE-ING audio/video supplies. HDMI cables? They've got 'em. USB cables? Yes, those too. Firewire cables? Yes, those, and many more types of connectors as well. They also have things like wall mounts, switches, and splitters to help you get your home theater looking and sounding it's best.  This is high quality stuff at extremely competitive prices.

Here's a link to their website: Optimized Cable Company.  They've got fantastic prices and right now are even running a free shipping special!  Extra added bonus - they have wonderful customer service.  So if you or anyone you know are looking for cables for any reason, check this site out.  You'll likely find what you're looking for, and you'll definitely get the best price available!


Melany said...

Good to know- we have just ordered a projector for Bible club, which should arrive sometime this week. I'll keep this site in mind.

Metro Parent said...

Attention all parents!
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Jessie Philippi said...

It’s nice to have a home theater, right, Julie? It’s like you’re bringing the cinema to the convenience of your home. If you’re particular with the sound effects, there are home theater systems that make it seem like you’re in the movie yourself. It delivers excellent sound quality, spreading the sound vibrations evenly across the room.

Louisa Hemstreet said...

It’s good that you found a store that you think you can trust with quality products. And it’s a good thing that it’s an online store, making it convenient for you to browse different home theater choices. Anyway, do you have plans of buying a television for your home theater? There are a lot of good options available, and you just have to find the one that suits your theater best.

Louisa Hemstreet

Window Blinds said...

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