Thursday, August 23, 2007

A bad morning for Puckey

This morning has been pretty rough on little Puckey. First she woke up and decided to "washey hair" in the toilet. Daddy had gone to the bathroom and not only did he leave the door open when he was done, he left the seat and lid up on the toilet. Um, yeah, thanks Daddy. I was putting laundry away in Bug and Nan's room when I heard Daddy say, "OH NO" I bolted out into the hallway just in time to see my wet-headed little Puckey combing her hair with my comb. YUCK. Daddy got her cleaned up, and all was right with the world again. Still deciding what to do with the comb, though...maybe I'll just throw it away.

So I guess I should have known putting that shirt on her would be trouble...

After Daddy left for work, we were in the bedroom and Puckey was taking advantage of the fact that I was trying to do some stuff, so she was jumping on the bed. I no sooner told her to sit down and started to walk over to her, when "thunk!" goes her nose to the window sill above our bed. Her nose isn't broken, but I think she's going to have a doozy of a black eye (actually it looks like she might end up with two black eyes). My poor Puckey. I hope this will be the last time she decides jumping on the bed is a good idea. Knowing her, though, probably not.
****************UPDATE...NO BLACK EYES! YEAH!!!!*********************


icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...


I can't imagine the horror I'd feel if I found my baby washing her hair in the toilet.

Though i do have an equally gross... actually, a much grosser story. When the Bean was very little, she was in her play room. The dog went in and had an "accident" in there. (She very rarely does this unless she's angry with us about something.) I heard Lila crying and ran in to see what was wrong. She was holding the poop in her hand and had taken a bite of it.

I took her to the hospital.

Julie said...

OH HOW GROSS!! (But sorta funny in a way) Obviously she survived the incident - what did they do at the hospital? We don't have pets, so I can't really top that story!

Yeah, I was pretty upset with the toilet thing. I guess it could have been worse - Ande DID flush when he was done, and I use those bleach tablets in the tank to help keep the bowl clean.

Puckey also likes to rub her hands on Jib's mouth (she's teething, so there is always a significant amount of drool there) and "washey hands" with Jib's spit. She's also been known to hide crackers and other snacks around the house, so sometimes she'll walk up munching on something that I didn't give her. It totally grosses me out.

Another thing that she likes to do is beg food off of people. Family, friends, complete strangers - she doesn't care. The thing is, she's so cute when she does it that strangers have actually attempted to give her stuff (yeah, like I would actually let my precious Puckey eat after you, stranger person who I don't know whether you washed your hands after you last used the bathroom and who knows what kind of germs might be lurking on that innocent looking piece of cookie you're holding out to my child?!?). I just thank them and walk away.