Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to School

Well, like many families out there in the US, today was the first day of school. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the cheers of joy from parents everywhere. At our house, I heard "I want to ride the bus. I want to go to school. Bubber! Ash-we!!" Poor Puckey was heartbroken when her bubber and sissy got on their busses today. (I think Bubber was pretty broken up over the whole thing, too. He's not exactly a fan of school.) I had to force Bubber to let me take the picture of him, although Bug was more than happy to pose. She's a bit of a ham. Both kids reported that school was "okay", so I figure that's a good start.

On the job front, I'm not sure what Ande's heard today, as he's been gone since about 10:00am. He had to go to Detroit to drop off his laptop & cell phone and pick up his personal items from the office. I'm sure that wasn't much fun for him. And since he doesn't have a cell phone, he can't call me while he's on the road. Not that it would matter much anyway, since I spent most of my day sitting at the bus stop. (yes, I waited for a total of about 2 hours at the bus stop today. I wasn't a happy camper).


Diane said...

Is it just me or are girls starting to dress up more these days? I saw a lot of first-day-of-school pictures out there in the blogosphere of girls in dresses. I'm so happy to see that! Your kids look great for their first day, and if the first-day response is "okay," well, you can't beat that!

Julie said...

Well, it wasn't technically a dress, she was wearing gauchos. But she LOVES getting dressed up. She had her back to school outfit picked out in the beginning of August!! I love it that she likes to dress up for school. My son briefly decided to wear a shirt and tie to school last year. It lasted about a week or so, then he got over it. I have the feeling he was trying to impress a girl (he was in 7th grade last year) LOL!