Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two year old wisdom

My husband just called Puckey a chuckle-head - and of course, she said, "I'm not a chuckle-head, I'm a dinosaur."

Apparently, according to my two year old, anything someone calls you can be countered with, "I'm not a (fill in the blank), I'm a dinosaur."

Therefore, I'm not fat, I'm a dinosaur. Wow, it WORKS!! Next time one of the kids comes running to me with a complaint of being called a name, I'll tell them to use that line. Somehow I can't see my 13 year old falling for it, but you never know.

Remember kids, you're not a "__________", you're a dinosaur.


Lutz Family in OK said...

I love that! How funny...

Rick said...

Works for me.

I'm visiting all those who have posted before and I'm inviting them over to my blog for a little giveaway that I am having. No gimicks, just a way to celebrate one year of blogging.

Jules said...

I always remember when my then 5 or 6 year old came to me to say her 3 yr old sister called her a big fat bird. Do you think I kept a straight face??? Of all the insults!!

So I asked her "ARE you a big fat bird?" "No," she replied. "Well there you are." and we all laughed together.

Melany said...

LOL I love it. :)