Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prayer requests

I got a call today from my mom, and would like to pass along these prayer requests.

My aunt and uncle recently returned from a vacation to Hawaii. From what I know, my aunt Kathy was sick when they got home (or shortly thereafter). Last Friday she was taken into emergency, and ended up being put into a medically induced coma so that the doctors could put her on a ventilator. Apparently her oxygen levels were at 40% (which is NOT good). She has double-pnemonia, and possibly another infection, but my mom wasn't sure of all the details. Kathy was transferred (via helicoptor) to University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor today, because they have more high-tech ventilator equipment there than what they have here at our local hospitals. From what my mom told me, Kathy is pretty much on the verge of death right now.

Kathy is a really nice person. She is very caring, loves her family, and has a real soft spot for animals. She is a wife and mother. Kathy is not a Christian. As a matter of fact, she is Wiccan. It is my prayer that God would see fit to heal her, and that by His miraculous healing she would see that He is Lord, and that she would want to give her life to Him, or at least be more receptive to Christianity. In that light, I also pray that members of my family who aren't Christian would also see God working in this situation and pursue a relationship with Christ.

I have one other request. While Ande was growing up, his neighbors Bob and Carol were almost like second parents to him. He spent a lot of time at their house, and he's maintained a relationship with them since childhood. Bob was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Doctors gave him 6 months to live, but Bob soldiered on had fairly successful treatment. Around Halloween, we got a call from Carol that she thought Bob might not make it much longer. He managed to make it through all of the recent holidays, much to the surprise of his family. We got a call last night that Bob died yesterday afternoon. Bob and Carol used to attend church years ago, but for a reason unknown to me, they stopped attending. I don't know if Bob reconciled with God before he died, and I don't know where Carol stands in her relationship with God. I'm praying that the Christian people who will be interacting with Carol over the next days, weeks, months, etc. will be a blessing to Carol and draw her close to the Lord.


Please see my other post from this morning, which can be found below.


Destini said...

Julie, I said a prayer for your requests this morning as I read your update...praying for Ande as well...

Shane and Devin said...

Hey Julie,
I am just now seeing this, but I will pray for healing for Kathy and salvation for her and any other family members close to the situation as well.
Give us an update if something happens....

Julie said...

Thanks for your prayers - I haven't gotten any updates on my aunt. "No gnews is good gnews, with Gary Gnew." Those of you who were kids (or had young kids) in the late 70's early 80's might remember that line from The Great Space Coaster. Wow, was THAT ever a weird show!

Destini said...

I so remember sad is that?