Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goodbye Corey Ford

A few weeks ago, Ande found out that a guy he used to be pretty close friends with was in the hospital with a pretty serious condition. It had been a few years since Ande had seen Corey - the last time being when Corey was on a basketball team that was sponsored by our church. He was a great athelete.

When Ande went to visit Corey, he found his old friend to be paralyzed from the neck down. Corey couldn't even speak. From what I know, Corey just woke up one morning this way, with no explanation. Since Corey couldn't speak, Ande wasn't really able to communicate with him, until the nurse brought in a board with letters on it so that Ande could point to the letters until Corey nodded his head to indicate it was the right letter. Ande said it was a slow process, but after visiting a couple of times, they got pretty good at it.

Ande went to the hospital after work last night to visit Corey, but when he got there, he found out that Corey had died. Corey Ford, age 31, passed away on Easter Sunday. It took a moment for that to sink in when Ande told me, but then I burst into tears. How appropriate that on the day we celebrated our new life in the risen Jesus that Corey was able to celebrate his new life in Heaven. No more suffering and pain for Corey - and it's all possible because Jesus went to the cross for us.

Although it's always sad to lose a friend or family member, it's comforting to know that if they knew Jesus, then they no longer know pain and suffering! What an encouragement.

If you're local and knew Corey, the visitation is on Friday, March 28 from 1:00pm to 8:30pm at the Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home, 906 W Flint Park Blvd, Flint, MI. The funeral service is at the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church at 1083 E. Stewart Avenue, Flint, MI at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 29.


Zac and Jenny said...

My thought are with you and Cory's family...


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