Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is how we roll...

Yep, that's right. We are officialy REDNECKS the proud owners of a new mini-motorhome. This 1978 beauty has all of the amenities - bathroom, refrigerator, stove, sink... It is very economical, too. It gets 3 gallons/mile. HA HA!! We haven't actually figured out what kind of mileage it gets. I'm sure it's NOT good, though.

Ande and I bought this gem from a guy he used to do a Bible Study with. We picked it up last weekend, and have (as you can see) already started the "remodel". As you can see by the pictures, the decor is a little, uh, lacking. I think you'd call it "Nascar Chic" (I call it U~G~L~Y)

View from the front / View from the rear

After a little cleanup/removal of curtains & cushions

I have already picked out the fabric for the cushions (I'll post pics of that later), and we went looking last night to find the most suitable ceiling/wall material. I think we've pretty much settled on 1/4" birch plywood (which we will probably stain). We've got some linoleum in our garage that I think we're going to use for the floor. I'm excited about it, because I can already visualize what it COULD look like. Fortunately I know how to sew, and Ande is pretty good with woodworking, so between the two of us it should turn out pretty nice. We will be leaving the exterior alone, keeping with the "Early American White Trash" look.

It's got a tiny bathroom, as you can see. As it is, you can shave, shower, and sit on the potty all at the same time! Ande is trying to talk me into making the bathroom bigger, so that it actually has a shower that doesn't have a toilet in the middle of it...

Make sure to light a match when you're done....

I seriously have to wonder what on earth the previous owners were thinking - we found bright green, pink, and purple paint throughout the camper (although the people we bought it from painted over everything with white paint). And do you think anyone could TAPE OFF THE STUFF YOU WOULDN'T WANT PAINT ON? Apparently not.

What is with the floor tile stuck on the front of this perfectly nice stainless steel stove/oven?
You might be wondering why we would buy a motorhome - well, we're really hoping to help Ande's amp business grow by traveling to different amp shows whenever we can, and rather than buying a trailer to hitch to the back of his car or my van to haul his amps, it really made more sense to us to buy a motorhome, so that we can also eat/sleep in it, and have plenty of room for the amps as well.

I'll be posting more pictures as we go through to process of renovating the camper.
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amanda said...

that totally ROCKS! I would LOVE to get an old motor home some day! I really like those old airstreams, but I think our dog is too big!

Love that you are renovating it too. Can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe you could just put the peel-n-stick tile all over the stove and while you are at it, the fridge too!

Destini said...

Well Clark that's an RVeeee! How cool is that? My mom used to have one of those 50's style motorhomes that looked like it had a big smile across the grill! It's all about makin' memories!

Michelle said...

Good luck with the RV. I've unfortunately set my last foot inside one, but that has more to do with being 15 and going on a 3 week RV trip across 5 western states with 10 relatives in one RV. I'm scarred.

Your reasons for an RV? Far more sane!

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Oh! I'm Jealous! Really, I am.

We love to camp "Up North" and all we have is a Pop-Up. LOL
Have you ever had to put one of those up in the rain?

No matter the age... a self-contained RV is the way to go.

I can't wait to see the pictures of the updates. I'm sure it will look nice when it's done. Good Luck!


12-arrows said...

yippee! OH WHAT FUN! Thats definitely the way to go, no tents, etc. I also will be praying for the amp business to take off, and what a blessing that you will be able to go along from time to time too! Keep the posts coming for the remodeling updates. Before/after are the best!

Melany said...

Looks look you found something to keep you from being bored!! :) I am sure you'll work wonders with it.