Wednesday, April 16, 2008

International and Local Phone Cards for CHEAP!

I'm pleased to share this information with all of my blogger buddies. We're all about saving money, right? Okay, well I am anyway. Whenever I find a good deal, I like to pass it on, and this is a GOOD DEAL!

Ande and I don't have cell phones, and we have many friends and family who live far enough away that to call them requires a long distance phone call. For me, there is NOTHING worse than visualizing the charges racking up while I talk to my sister in Kalamazoo, or Ande calls his brother in Oklahoma. I can only imagine how much it costs my brother-in-law to call his mother when she's on one of her international trips, or for my cousins-in-law to call home from Romania when they are there on missions trips.

I found a site that provides both local AND international phone cards at a savings of up to 95% of the rates you might pay through your long distance company. One thing I really like about the site is that it allows you to search for a card that will best suit your needs. If you're in Los Angeles and you need to call somewhere else in California, there is a card for you. Or maybe you live in a country other than the United States, but all of your family lives in the US. There is a card for you, too!

You know, I was even thinking that these cards would make a GREAT gift for someone who might be traveling out of state or out of the country! Perhaps a student going away to college, or on a missions trip?

This site, Phone Cards Avenue, is easy to navigate and the best part is that once you place your order, you received your calling card information INSTANTLY. No waiting to receive the card in the mail, or having to go to the store to buy a card. It's simple and easy! Each card listing gives detailed information about per minute charges, connection fees, and it will even tell you how many minutes you will get for your money. To learn more, please click here: online phone card

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