Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Picture post

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but here's a few pictures I had on the camera.

Birthday parties are FUN! This was a party for a friend from church. I don't know how this picture turned out like this, but it's kinda cool I think.
Jib looks a little scared!
We call this "Hippo Mouth"
Apparently this is a comfortable way to sit?Hangin' with BubberOur "library"
Some pretty flowers Ande surprised me with the other day...

Doesn't everyone have a hoard of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons? Some of these are over a year old....glad they never actually expire. Hope you're all having a great week!!!


amanda said...

girl you have a lot of coupons!

love the snuggling with brother pic, so cute...and hippo mouth!

Devin said...

That little Jib and Puckey are about the cutest darn things....

Next to my children, of course, but following a VERY close second!

Love ya!

Marcie said...

I have the same problem with the BB&B coupons. I can't throw any of them away! It drives my husband nuts!