Monday, April 28, 2008


This morning, at 4:15am, I dropped Ande off at the airport. He's flying (in a shark) to Atlanta for a week for work. His plane should be getting ready to take off any minute now.

So....I'm totally wide awake and thinking about how tired I'm going to be this afternoon once the fact that I've been up since 3:00am catches up with me. It wouldn't be so bad if Puckey and The Jib would take a nap at the same time, but the likelihood of that happening is less than the likelihood that I'll win the lottery. Seeing as how I don't even PLAY the lottery, you can see how the chances of the girls' naps to coincide are pretty much non-existent. Although I guess I COULD technically win the lottery if someone bought a ticket for me. LOL

Oh, and apparently there may be some confusion as to how to pronounce Puckey's nickname...I saw my friend (and fellow blogger) Cindy at an event yesterday and she asked me just how we pronounce it, as there has been some debate over it at her house. It's pronounced like "lucky". I first typed "yucky", but thought then people might think I was saying she was yucky...which she CAN be sometimes, I even sing a little song about it - usually when I'm changing her diaper. Anyone familiar with "The Bunny Song" from Veggie Tales?

Okay, so to the tune of that, sing "The Puckey, the Puckey, WHOA I love the Puckey. She sure is cute, but she's sometimes yucky...." Yep, you're going to have that little ditty stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG now! LOL I guess some might think it's pronounced like Pookie (pooh-key). Sorry for any confusion...Hope that clears it up! Thanks for asking, Cindy!!

Wow, Puckey must have known I was blogging about her, and that Ande was gone - she woke up crying just now, and she told me that her daddy was in the road and someone took him away. Poor little Puckey. It only took me a minute to get her calmed down, but boy do I feel bad for her when she has a bad dream! I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was a kid, and I know how terrified I would be when I'd wake up.

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MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

LOL....I love the bunny song! and Yep, I will be singing it the rest of the day (thank you very much).

Hope you get some rest today.

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

The situation with the Dealership has changed. Email me and I will give you the details. Thanks.

amanda said...

oh, the Puckey! So cute. Love those early mornings!

that's a sad little dream she had, I hate nightmares!

Destini said...

I love Puckey.

Wow! a week w/o the hubby! I know Amanda knows this all too well...
I am getting to where I have the hardest time having Steve gone. I don't know if it is a worry thing or what. I can't say that I am afraid to be alone, I think it is more the fact that I need to know he is safe. I always have the hardest time falling asleep at night when he is not there.