Friday, May 9, 2008

A Message from the Lawd...

Lately one of Puckey's favorite movies has been Jonah (you know, the Veggie Tales movie). So she sometimes quotes phrases like, "Jonah was in the belly of a whale." or "A message from the Lord" (but she pronounces it "lawd" - apparently she is from New Jersey or something).

I have recently been trying to lose weight. (Hi, my name is Julie, and I'm a food addict) I haven't made a big deal of it to the kids, I'm just slowly trying to change my eating habits. Last night, Ande and I went with his dad to Fuddrucker's (which is one of my favorite places to eat). I was good, I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and NO FRENCH FRIES. I didn't even steal any fries off of Puckey's plate. I wish I had Puckey's appetite - she picks at her food for a few minutes, usually taking 1 bite of each piece of chicken or whatever, then starts running laps around the table. Alas, I don't. This is why I'm overweight.

I was finishing my sandwich, and Puckey was on lap 6, 427. She stopped next to me and held her hands out like she was holding something. Then she said, "A message from the Lord" (remember, it's pronounced "lawd") She "handed" me the "box" that the message was in (I LOVE that she has a great imagination!). I "opened" the box, but told her I couldn't read the message, and asked if she could read it to me. She looked up at me, TOTALLY serious and said, "Don't eat donuts."

I looked and Ande, and the expression on his face was, well - let's put it this way, if he would have smiled any bigger, I think I would have seriously been able to see the inside of his head. He even had the nerve to chuckle about it.

Okay, so I laughed too. It WAS really funny.

Out of the mouths of babes, right??


Shelly said...

oh my word! that is funny! i need a little anti food preacher in my house too!

12-arrows said...

Hilarious! I just love how little kids think and the things they say. So CUTE!

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

sooooo cute!! and funny too!!

Destini said...

That is hilarious!

AlaneM said...

Oh from the mouths of babes...very cute!! And much better than the comment I've been hearing from my Eli. "Momma, I like your big bottom." Oh thank you SO much dear child. NOT!
But he does speak the truth, girrrr.