Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Chatterbox

Last night, Ande and I were doing a project together. Puckey came to the doorway and said, "Hi, Mama! What are you doing?" I told her I was washing walls, and she walked away. About 2 seconds later, The Jib toddled up to the doorway and said, "Hi, Mama! What doin'?" I wish I could write it the way she said it, it was so funny!! I about died!!

When Puckey started talking, she was always really easy to understand and she said a TON of words very early. The Jib, however, being more mellow than Puckey, has taken her sweet time in doing pretty much everything. Her current vocabulary now consists of (the list has gotten longer, I keep remembering or hearing her say new things):
  • Bye
  • Hi
  • Ball
  • Ee-i-ee-i-o (You know, from "Old MacDonald Had a Farm")
  • Tee-Tee-Tee (Tickle, Tickle Tickle)
  • All done
  • Ba-ba
  • Ta-da (while raising both hands above her head)
  • Meow (although her version doesn't have the "e" sound)
  • Puppy (she says, "AW, Puppy" when she's holding her stuffed animal puppy)
  • I no-no (I don't know)
  • No (a particular favorite)
  • Uh-huh (complete with head nod)
  • Mamma
  • Daddy
  • Whassat? ("What's that?" Usually said while pointing one direction and looking the other)
  • Psss.... (that's what a cat says)
  • ROAR (that's what every other animal, including mice, birds, and elephants says)
  • Baby
  • Tanks (Thanks)
  • Peese (Please)
  • Boon (Balloon)
  • Papa
  • Nana

It's okay Mama, I'll get my own breakfast...


amanda said...

love it! what a little helper, getting her own food...

12-arrows said...

What a vocabulary. She is one up on Victoria. She says maybe 10 words but rarely and only when SHE wants too! Why should she talk anyways, she has everyone wrapped around her little finger!! I bet the Jib enjoyed eating the cereal she prepared for herself! Don't ya just love this age? so much fun and exciting to see the progression they make each day.

Destini said...

It is hard to believe she is walkig and talking. I've only seen her a few times, and thoroughly expect time to stand still until the next time I see her!
Your girls are sooo sweet!

Devin said...

Well, this time The Jib has one (who are we kidding, more like 17) up on baby Ethan.

Ethan, unlike my other two who were both big talkers, says virtually NOTHING. He says da-da for everything.

"What do you want, Ethan?"
"Da-da." (usually said while pointing to his drink.)
"Do you want a drink Ethan? What do you say?"
"Da-da." (meaning, please)
"Who am I, Ethan?"
"No, I'm mama. Say, mama."

Seriously, it could continue this way for hours! But we are working on it...I'm pretty sure he said Cah (car) today, so that's a start.

Did I say she is too darn cute?

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

She's Adorable!!

I wish that I had started blogging when my children were still little.
They have grown so much and lost all their cuteness. I miss those days!

Good for you for keeping a record of all the cute little things they do.