Thursday, July 24, 2008

So, what happened next?

I wish I had a great "fairy tale" ending to the kitchen story, but I don't. This is, after all, REAL life, and I don't know about the rest of you, but things often don't happen quite the way I'd like them to.

Well, much to my disappointment, the kitchen was not done when the in-laws came home. The sink was still not in, and the cupboards were still empty. I wanted SO much for it to be all done, but it just wasn't meant to be.

It WAS pretty awesome when my in-laws walked in and I heard my mother in law say, "Oh, my HEART!!" (Which, by the way, was a GOOD thing). She is just absolutely thrilled with her "new" kitchen, and even went today and bought some new accessories for it.

******Before I write anything else, I was asked to inform you, my readers, that my mother in law did NOT have anything to do with the former "look" in her kitchen. It was that way when they bought the house and she just never really knew what to do with it.******

I've been going over for a little while each day the last couple of days to work on finishing some stuff up, although it's harder now that they're back and we can't stay there all hours of the night. Oh well, it will get done when it gets done. The important thing is that Ande's mom is very happy with the kitchen. Ande's dad is pretty non-commital about it, but that's okay. Guys aren't really supposed to care too much about that kind of stuff anyway, right?

I probably won't blog too much this week, as my brother in law and his family are going to be visiting from Oklahoma and we will likely be spending a lot of time with them.

Once they are gone and we get the kitchen back in order, I will post pictures of the "finished product".


12-arrows said...

You are just so darn sweet. I am sure you couldn't wait to for them to arrive. What a gift and I am sure Ande's mom is blessed and thankful each time she enters her kitchen. She has two "GREAT" kids!

amanda said...

i bet your mother-in-law loved to come home to it, and even though your father-in-law hasn't committed to 'liking' it, I bet he likes that he didn't do all the work!

to be honest, I kinda like that your story didn't have a "fairy tale" ending. really, its a reminder to us all that we shouldn't wait to start something until its perfect...just get on with it (whatever it is...) and besides, if you had finished it perfectly, don't you think TLC would've wanted you and Ande to start hosting a show about Super Secret Projects and then you would NEVER have time to blog anymore...

Enjoy your family visits...and tell them to look me up when they get back down here =)

Devin said...

Can't wait to see them!! Enjoy your time with family.

AlaneM said...

How cool are you two???
It's like a real life extreme kitchen makeover or something. I'm sure you are a huge blessing to his parents.

And I was wondering where you went to! Have fun with your family this week :)

Zac and Jenny said...

How cool are you?

The kitchen transformation is so awesome. You both do great work. Are you for hire???

What a wonderful gift to Ande's parents.