Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did you know....

That Jesus was a cowboy? He WAS, just ask Puckey.

Oh, and for those of you who have expressed interest in our kitchen remodeling service...sure, we'll be glad to come out, if you can supply room and board for the whole family (in addition to the cost of materials), and you don't mind if we work until 4:00am...LOL

And specifically for Heather, I don't know if we could do granite - that might cost extra!! ha ha

Just for Destini, I'm not sure if we're ready to expand our services to hardwood floors just yet...LOL

Amanda, I PROMISE that if TLC or one of those other types of channels comes a callin', I will still find time to blog! And just think, then you'd know someone FAMOUS! (BIG HA HA HA on that one!)

And for anyone else who left a nice comment for me, I swear, we're REALLY not that nice. Talented, YES, nice....not so much. (Man, call me butter, 'cause I am on a ROLL, baby!)

Have a great day!


amanda said...

you are TOO funny...glad that you would make time to blog even if you were famous...

and I love the part about you two not being that nice...talented, yes...so funny!

I would love a further explanation of the Jesus as a cowboy thing...=)

Destini said...

Is this how you get when you are sleep deprived from kitchen remodeling? Ha!

About the nice thing...you really are.