Monday, August 4, 2008

Puckey Loves Her Lips!

Well, I'm not quite sure what kind of look she was going for....maybe

Lisa Simpson?

Amos Lee?

Angelina Jolie??

Ande said she looked like a Muppet.


Whoever she was trying to look like, it just wasn't working for her.

Okay, no more papparazzi!!

At Bubber's baseball game last Wednesday, poor little Puckey got stung by a bee. On her LIP. She was playing with some of the other little brothers & sisters who were at the game, and all of the sudden she started SCREAMING her head off. I ran over to see what happened, and one of the kids said she thought maybe Puckey fell down. When I asked Puckey if she fell, she wailed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo!" I asked her what happened, and she said, "A bee stung me!" Now, other than me warning her about staying away from bees, Puckey has had no real education about bees, so I wasn't sure if that's what happened. Until I saw her lip. It had already started swelling.

She cried for a few minutes, and refused to let me put ice on her lip. I started packing up, and Puckey "recovered" enough for her to want to stay to watch her Bubber play. We stayed a few more minutes, but the longer we sat, the worse her lip looked. I called Ande and asked him to meet me at his parents' house with some benadryl & ibuprofen. Once she got the medicine in her system, her lip slowly started to shrink down. But it was still pretty fat.

Not really a big deal, since she was otherwise fine, right? Well, not exactly. You see, I had scheduled an appointment for Puckey, The Jib, and their out of town cousins to get some pictures taken together for Thursday. (The next day)

I wondered whether or not her lip would be better for the pictures...

On Thursday her lip was only a little bit swollen (much to my relief), so we decided to go ahead with the pictures. Later that afternoon, I met my mother in law, sister in law, and two nieces at the studio for the pictures.

I should have known when our appointment was schedule for 3:00pm and the photographer didn't get there until 5 minutes later that it wasn't going to go well. The photographer was not particularly professional, but our girls are all generally pretty happy, so I thought it would be okay.


We struggled for over an hour to get some decent shots. We got some "okay" ones of each of the girls, and some with each set of sisters together, and were working on a shot with all four of them. Things were not going well at this point. All of the girls were very squirmy and not wanting to cooperate.

That's when I noticed the computer screen displaying an error message. I pointed it out to the photographer, and she said, "That's weird." She changed out the memory card in the camera, and the same message still showed. Then she took the original memory card and left the room. About a minute later, she came back and told us that all of the pictures were gone.


Needless to say, we weren't particularly thrilled about that news, but what can you do? The photographer asked if we could come back in the morning. Fortunately, my brother & sister in law weren't leaving until Saturday, so we said we could. She set up the appointment, and told me she'd call later to confirm.

When we got home late Thursday night, there was a message on our machine that the camera at that studio was broken, so the photographer scheduled an appointment for us at a different studio for Friday.

Let me tell you - in the future, if I use the same company for pictures, I will go to this other studio! The photographer was much more friendly, and she worked hard at getting all the girls' names right so she could call them by name! She also was a little more creative with the backgrounds and a lot more fun to work with. This time, the girls were all CHAMPS at getting their pictures taken!!

Here's some of the results....

The Jib
How often do you get 2 two year olds AND 2 one year olds to pose so sweetly?
I love this picture! Look at Monkey's face (top left) - PRICELESS!!
So thanks, Ben & Tracy, for the memories! We LITERALLY couldn't have done it without you! I hope we get to create many more like this in the (VERY NEAR) future!!! (And on OUR dime next time!!)


Devin said...

First off--the pics are soooo cute of the girls. I have had some of the worst experiences too, and have grown to hate professional picture taking because of it!

Second--OH MY GOODNESS. Poor Puckey! That is, I think, the worst swollen lip I have ever seen. Agh! Poor baby! You will never believe this--Cameron just got his first bee sting ever last week too! I was gonna blog about it when I can find some time, but it was pretty traumatic....I swear, we live the same life.

Glad to see that her lip recovered! :-)

amanda said...

wow..that fat lip was somethin' goodness... and just because i am married to my husband, I feel i must tell you this, you should really be cautious the next time she gets stung since the reaction was so severe (he just gave me that chat after a fire ant incident on Walker's legs)

those pics are priceless! my sis and I had some pics taken when we were little with one of our cousins, two out of three of us were crying in all the shots...

i love the one of them all lying down, and you would never know that poor thing had that monster lip just a couple days before

12-arrows said...

awe that poor Jib. Ben swells just like that when he gets stung, he has to be very careful because each time he gets stung he swells larger and larger.

The picture of all the girls is absolutely adorable. Ben's girls are so cute, both fair and yours are so cute both dark! What great memories and I am sure your in-laws just LOVE them too!

AlaneM said...

Poor lil pucky - she did look very cute & janice like though :)

Glad the pics turned out so well, they are beautiful kids!

Destini said...

Poor Puckey! I am glad that she was okay...My mom and my husband swell horribly with stings too...really makes me nervous!

Your pictures turned out great! I am a terrible mom. I have forever banned little tykes portrait studios because of those experiences you have just mentioned. I started taking my own. I have some new ones of Boogie I will be sharing here shortly...

So glad that you all got to spend time together! How fun!