Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, honestly...

Now, I think the PETA people simply have WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much time on their hands. Read this article for a good laugh (and a little bit of EEEEWWWWWW!!! factor) about what PETA suggested to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream


Beck said...

Oh my I found this QUITE hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! I even had to email it on. Maybe our new Hollywood friend will come visit and give some more feelings ;)

every simple day said...

wow, I missed so much in the few days off from blogging...

and eww to the breastmilk ice cream... unless its for the under-one crowd.

and oh my! to the comment-debate.

good points on all sides. honestly, as long as you keep it friendly, I LOVE to hear the opinions (and the ideals behind them) of others. Politics have gotten so angry and hateful and I just don't see it getting better unless we meet in the middle.

which, of course, is why I think McCain is the best candidate, and most likely why he won the primary. He's more middle-of-the-road than any of the other candidates were!

and yes, your daughter could TOTALLY give Walker a run for his money in the crazy-dressing-department!

SO excited down here these days... TOMORROW baby!!!!
♥ amanda

Shelly said...

i can't even begin to imgaine the logistics of that!