Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Accessorize on a Budget

With all of the economic turmoil our nation is facing, sometimes we have to let some things slide. For some people it's things like buying a new car or home. For others (like me), it's buying necessary items like eyeglasses. How can someone get cute new glasses without breaking the bank?

At Zenni Optical you can do just that. From simple single vision lenses, to sunglasses and progressive lenses, Zenni Optical is sure to have something in every one's budget. Check out their styles, starting at an outstanding $8.00, by clicking here: eyeglasses. Even if you don't wear glasses yourself, you could pass this information on to someone you know who does!

The Chicago Tribune ran a great, informative article last year about the pros and cons of buying eyeglasses, and offers some tips on how to save money. You can find that article by clicking here.

When buying your glasses from Zenni Optical (as is the case with ordering glasses from any source), you have to have your prescription handy before you place your order. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to order glasses from your eye doctor just because that's who examined your eyes, either. You are entitled by law to be able to take your prescription for glasses anywhere you want to!

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