Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Betcha thought I forgot, didn't cha?

(That title sounds best when done with your best "Fargo, ND" accent)

It's that time again, for the Tuesday Tip O' the Day!

"De-salt that oversalted soup by merely slicing a raw potato into it and boiling for a short time. Then remove potato, which will have absorbed most of the salt."

Yes, I decided to give you a tip that was actually practical and not terribly funny...

For the funny part, I decided to do a short "not me" post (if any of you read McMama's blog, you'll know what that is...)

I did NOT let Puckey and the Jib eat chocolate cake for breakfast this morning. This is NOT a picture of Jib after she DIDN'T eat said chocolate cake.

And while I was NOT serving up the cake, I was NOT singing, "Mom is GREAT! She gives us chocolate cake!" because I surely DON'T think that Bill Cosby "Himself" is one of the funniest comedy routines of all time.

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Shelly said...

i want chocolate cake for breakfast!

Destini said...

I didn't have cookies for breakfast yesterday...

See? It's liberating isn't it? :)

I've seen that potato tip before, but I've never over-salted. I have been guilty of over-garlicing...who would have ever guessed!

Devin said...

That potato thing really works--I've done it in a pinch!

I LOVE Bill Cosby....I laughed my butt off watching him! :-)

Oh, yeah....and when you feed chocolate cake to your children for breakfast, you're supposed to say they had: eggs.....milk....water....etc. heehee

amanda said...

I, much like Destini, have never over-salted. However, I often over-cayenne-pepper. How many times until I learn??? Does your tip-o-matic books have any tips for that????

thanks for the laugh... there are eggs in cake =)