Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm so excited!!

Tomorrow I get to go to my first MOPS group! I haven't ever been to MOPS before, but have heard some great things about it. My friend Cindy is going to be there, too! Whoo-hoo! I bet there will be a lot of laughs are our table.

Our girls will be the hit of the nursery, I'm sure. (Fortunately, Puckey has gotten over whatever "bug" she had yesterday, so she'll be able to go, too!!)


Shelly said...

ahhh i want to go to MOPS--and i called our "sister church" that does it and was told because i already love Jesus i wasn't allowed to attend argh.

12-arrows said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I did remember that I can't go on the 14th. Bummer. Brett has a choir concert that night with Hillsdale High School and we are hosting two kids from HHS overnight! See what I mean about "stuff" always happening that I am not able to go????