Sunday, December 28, 2008

Old-timers and smoothies

Bathroom conversations in the Kirby home:

Ande: "I thought that by drinking two smoothies last night, I'd be in perfect health today"

Julie: "Um, it's a smoothie, not a TIME MACHINE."

Ande: "Hey, that was pretty good."

Julie: "I'm SO blogging that later."

(Ande played in an alumni hockey game on Friday, and since it had been 13 years or so since he'd played hockey, he is a little sore...)


Devin said...


That is hilarious....and just about the same as the conversation that goes on around here some days!

Shelly said...


amanda said...

that is so funny. i always congratulate myself on what a great mom i am when i make smoothies =)

ande and i must be on the same page thinking they are the wonder drink!

he is getting old, huh?!