Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Tip O' the Day

Oh man, I just realized I never did my Tip O' the Day last week! Sorry!!! With Christmas coming up, I sort of got sidetracked and forgot. Well, actually it probably has NOTHING to do with Christmas, but it sounded good anyway.

On to today's tip:

When making a pie crust from scratch,

  • refrigerate all ingredients and utensils for at least 30 minutes before starting (or use your redneck refrigerator if you don't have room...)
  • use ice water
  • flatten dough slightly before chilling
  • roll out between sheets of waxed paper


  • use whole wheat flour (it just doesn't work well in a crust)
  • use the wrong beater attachment on your mixer (okay, maybe that's just my mistake)
  • handle the dough any more than necessary (it makes for a tough crust)
  • attempt to roll out between sheets of plastic wrap (way too sticky)
Note to self: in the future, just get the Jiffy pie crust mix...it tastes pretty good, and is easy to make. I think it's also cheaper than making it from scratch.

Since I missed last week, I'll give you a two/the price of one:

When making Christmas gifts for your children, make them as you get the fabric (WEEKS AGO) instead of waiting until 3 days before Christmas to START your projects. Because if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet and you have to spend HOURS cooped up in your room working on the aforementioned projects, you are most likely going to end up having to go shopping on Christmas Eve. And Christmas Eve is when you also need to WRAP all of the homemade and store-bought gifts. Because you totally procrastinate in just about everything you do.

I'm SO in trouble.

Note to self: email a link to this blog post to myself to be delivered in October 2009. Which I probably won't read until at least January 2010. Oh well, maybe by December 2010 I'll have my act together.

But probably not.


Devin said...

Would you mind sending me an automatic email as well, around the same time, reminding me to please make sure to look and see if I still have the boys' Christmas clothes in their bins?

Because it is a pretty awful place to be in--1 day before the Christmas Eve program and you just realized when you went to get the boys' Christmas outfits out of the clothes bins that you sold them at a rummage sale this summer because you knew that your Aunt always gets them matching Christmas outfits except that this year she didn't and now my poor children who are in the Christmas Eve program tomorrow night WITH SPEAKING PARTS have no clothes to wear and you have to go out and try to find them something PRONTO?


So, put me down on that email list, would ya?

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Great tip...I just got three different pie crust recipes from my mom before she left for Florida. I told her I wanted her to show my how to make pie crust...she just gave me the recipes and said I was on my own. I will be sure to print your tips off before I try making pie crust from her recipes.

I hope that I didn't take up too much of your time with the discussion. I would hate to think that you missed another Tuesday Tip because of me.

Take care and I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

amanda said...

pie crusts freak me out. I think my grandma's are the best (naturally) and she made me nervous with all the "don't touch it too much..." instruction.

I buy those rolled up refrigerated ones, there are always coupons for those babies =)

As for the last minute stuff. Ugh. I wish you well sister! May the peace of Christmas fill your heart, even as you scurry around!