Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prayer request

We found out yesterday that Ande's dad Jerry has prostate cancer. Fortunately it was found early and should be highly treatable. Even so, cancer is a very scary word for anyone to hear, and I know Ande's family would really appreciate your prayers.


Devin said...

Oh, Julie. That is scary. I will certainly keep him faithfully included in my prayers.

Beck said...

I know I'm way late but wanted you to know I will be keeping your family (s) in my prayers! Totally a scary thing, parents are supposed to be invincible. :( If it makes you feel any better my Grandpa was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in the 80s (when medicine wasn't what it is now), it moved to his bones and he was given 6 months or less to live, and he survived over 20 years with it! He eventually died in 2006 from his emphysema, so all that to say God does work miracles and I pray he will be fine :) Glad they caught it early!

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Oh Julie....I am so sad to hear this. I will keep your father-in-law in my thoughts and prayers.