Monday, January 26, 2009



When you are hiring people, make sure they are well-suited to the job you are hiring them to perform.

For instance, when hiring someone to work at a customer service desk, make sure they are not rude, and that they LISTEN when a customer explains a simple problem to them. I really should not have to explain THREE times that the price on the box was NOT what I was charged, and I only want to get back the difference.

When you hire someone to take orders at a fast-food restaurant, don't hire the guy who randomly tells the customers about his personal life. I did NOT need to know that his mom called him once at 3:00am to "get him back" for asking for her ID when she used a credit card at your restaurant. Nor do I need to know that she kicked him out because he got in a big fight with his step-dad. While I can sympathize with his plight, I really just want to place my order and get my food.

When you have a LINE of people standing at the register, perhaps it would be a good idea to NOT have employees who will just walk away because they are "done for the day", and leave you standing there for several minutes while the person who is "done" stands near the break room and watches as the line gets longer while no one comes to help the customers.

As a side-note: When your employees are serving your customers, it might be a good idea that they stop talking to each other, and focus on the customer standing in front of them. I don't really care about what movie they want to go see after work, or how often she washes her hair (especially when there is talk of scalp conditions involved). Really, these conversations can be saved for times when you don't have a customer standing in front of you.

I mean, seriously. These things have ALL happened to me in the last couple of days. What ever happened to "The customer is always right" and good old customer service? I KNOW that not everyone is suited to every kind of job. I'm just guessing that in the economy we have right now, there are probably lots of people out there who are willing and able to do a GOOD JOB in the customer service industries. Let's start hiring some of THOSE people, okay?

I'm just sayin'


Brandi said...

OH Julie!!! This is sooo true!

I worked in customer service for over 20 years and always took pride in the way my fellow co=workers and I handled our customers, even when there was a problem.

I try very hard to be patient with those employees you are talking about, but it gets very frustrating! Like you said - Whatever happened to good old customer service and personal values!

These things speak volumes for the companies they work for!

Shelly said...

that's why i do almost all of my shopping online =) sorry that you had a bunch of annoying experiences! bleck!

Shelly said...

that's why i do almost all of my shopping online =) sorry that you had a bunch of annoying experiences! bleck!

12-arrows said...

unfortunately customer service, in our area, is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Its much better when you leave this county, truthfully! I know that from time to time you can get bad service but around here, bad service is all the time! People just don't care and neither do the employers. Its so sad too! Makes a difference of whether or not you will go back and most times I don't. I too, do alot of on-line shopping because of it.

Devin said...

HA! You took the words right out of my mouth. Excellent post--I hate having to deal with rude and inconsiderate employees as well, especially when there are so many people that AREN'T that way who are willing to go to work right now!

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Love this post!!!! So true!!!