Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away....)

(Sorry, that Beatles song popped into my head when I typed the word "Yesterday")

Well, I never did get my chocolate cake (*sigh*) yesterday. But I DID:

Run several errands. This included getting the license plate & tags and buying a new carseat for my "new" van. Ande's mom and dad have very generously given us their old van. It's a year newer and has about 80,000 FEWER miles than my van. I haven't quite figured out the seating arrangements yet, because it's set up a bit different than the van we already have, but I had to buy a carseat because this one only has one built-in carseat, instead of the two our other van has. And I'm praising God for knowing just how much extra we'd need on Ande's paycheck last week to provide for both the license fees AND the new carseat. How awesome is that?

Puckey REALLY likes her new seat. The Jib likes it, too...which means we will be buying another one next week. Otherwise there may be bloodshed, because I can see them totally fighting over who gets to sit in it. This was Puckey approximately 2 minutes after she woke up this morning. Now she's actually buckled into the seat. LOL

Work on my Bible Study. Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed - it's really, REALLY good! A friend from my old church (who I did another bible study with last fall) invited me to it. This will be the third week, and I am loving it. We're studying David, and how God CHOSE David. Do you realize that God CHOSE you, too? Even for the most mundane tasks in your life, God CHOSE you - HAND-PICKED you for whatever it is you are doing. Unfortunately, we sometimes (okay for me that would be OFTEN) get wrapped up in the "what" we're doing, instead of the "who" we're doing it for. Like our bosses. Or our spouses. Or our children. Think about it.

Do several loads of laundry (from start to finish - you know, folded AND put away). Well, I sort of cheated on the putting away part - Bug's clothes got put on her bed. But they aren't sitting in a pile in the living room. So it's a start.

Helped Ande and his dad get my "new" van out of his parent's backyard. That was fairly entertaining. Not quite as funny as the time MY van got stuck back there, and I was helping push it out when the tire suddenly caught hold of some mud and I was instantly covered head-to-toe in it. Even though I hate getting dirty, I totally cracked up when that happened.

Got to go to dinner with my hubby. Mmm...Famous Dave's Texas beef brisket with Devil's Spit BBQ sauce on it...YUMMY. The Jib made a lady's night last night while we were there. She thought the lady was a princess. It was so cute.

Got home, put the girls to bed, and finally, after MONTHS of waiting, we watched "Fireproof".

Devin specifically asked for a review that didn't give anything away. So I'll do my best.


I really, REALLY liked this movie. And, even though Ande and I have a pretty good marriage and rarely even disagree about stuff, much less have troubles that could potentially end our marriage, I know we both got something out of it. You will get some laughs, your heart will race, and you'll shed some tears. It's a good one.

I'm a little disappointed, because there's a fun bit of trivia that I discovered last night but I can't share it because it relates to something that happens in the movie, and I am under strict instructions to not give anything you'll just have to buy (or rent) the movie and watch the special features (after you've watched the movie, of course).

On a side note - Ande and I were able to gift a copy of the movie, as well as a copy of "The Love Dare" (the book inspired by the movie) to a woman who works within his company. Apparently she is recently married (October) and is having a hard time. She's also a few months pregnant. If my wonderful friends out there would pray for Sandra and her husband (I don't know his name, but God does), that would be awesome. Specifically pray that Sandra and her husband could sit down together and watch this movie, and that they would be inspired to try to work out whatever issues they are having.


Devin said...

Oh, I just knew it was going to be good. I want to go and buy it and watch it RIGHT NOW! Maybe this weekend, for sure!

What a good friend to do what I ask and still not manage to give anything away. :-)

That carseat story is hysterical...for some reason, we have three carseats in our van but Cameron absolutely refuses to sit in 2 of them. He has HIS and no one else gets it. That's just all there is to it. (He has actually told me that the other one hurts his bottom. I said, "Cameron, does this really hurt you or are you just telling me that so that you will be able to sit in the other one?" and he said "Yeah." I think that was a yeah to both, but I am for sure it was definitely a yeah to him just wanting to sit in "his". Stinker.)

And, on another note...guess where we went Friday on our date night?

Famous Dave's.

And, guess what Shane ordered?

Texas Brisket.


And, one last thing...I will certainly pray for Sandra...that was so nice of you to give her that movie and the book.

Alright--I'm out.

amanda said...

love the carseat picture! so cute, and yeah, you better just go ahead and get yourself another one to avoid gnashing of teeth and what not...

glad you liked the movie. very good indeed.

and so happy to hear about your Bible study, sounds like you are learning some truly good stuff. and those mundane tasks are so much easier to do when you think about Who has really asked you to do it =)

Beck said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie! Oh my girl, I bawled through the entire thing. (don't tell me that you didn't and I'm just a hormonal pregnant girl K? I'll just assume you did so I don't feel silly) After the movie we both laid and cried and just cuddled and thanked God we have eachother and a good marriage. I was going to tell you the book was only $7 at walmart but looks like you already found it! Even though we also have a great relationship we're going to get the book and go through it together and follow it :) Every little bit helps right? Yeah I might have to do my own post on this movie....loved it!
Love Puckey in her car seat. My goodness could she be any cuter? LOVE it :)