Saturday, January 31, 2009

Every vote counts

So, today is my dear friend Devin's birthday. She's the big 3-0. (See, I'm the even bigger 3-4, so 3-0 doesn't even sound bad anymore) But, I digress...

Anyway, Devin's husband Shane has "challenged" her to see who can get the most comments on a blog post. It seems when she posted about him building his mom a corner cabinet, there were 17 comments left about what a great guy he is, what a great job he did, yada yada yada...apparently he was quite pleased about that, and I imagine there has been a little bit of teasing going on...(don't feel bad Dev - I think my posts that receive the most comments are generally about something Ande did, so I feel your pain...LOL)

So, for those of you who read Devin's blog (and even if you don't - go check it out), go leave a comment for her, wishing her a Happy Birthday. See, she'd already have Shane's record beat, except for the fact that Shane put in some rule about only one vote per person. And don't even think I wasn't tempted to leave several "anonymous" comments - I was! But I didn't. I may be a LOT of things, but a cheater I am not) So you need to help Dev win the contest. Why? Because it's her birthday, that's why! (Well, that, and GIRLS RULE)

And Shane - if anyone does leave an anonymous comment, I promise it wasn't me!!

1 comment:

Devin said...

You're the best girl. I love you dearly.


currently I'm up by 2. Woot woot!

(I'll email tomorrow when I am out of my sugar-induced, sleep-deprived, old-age-hittin'-me-hard coma! :)