Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I just remembered

why I try to avoid shopping with two toddlers in tow. Let's just say there was a little "divide and conquer" action going on.

I need chocolate cake (see post below) and a nap, STAT.

PS - a 63 page owner's manual for a carseat? Seriously?

PPS - I get to watch "Fireproof" (finally) with Ande tonight. YEAH!!!


Devin said...

I'm jealous! I'm still waiting to see Fireproof....please do a non-giving-away-anything review for us! :-)

amanda said...

for. real. two is so much harder than one when it comes to running (mulitple) errands.

hope you got some cake.

hope you like fireproof...

Brandi said...

I have problems with two adults taking one toddler to the grocery store! If you managed two on your own you must be Super Woman!!!