Monday, April 20, 2009

Now you KNOW I love a good deal

and if I find one I really like, I will share it with you. This is a pretty good one, AND it may be of use to people other than those who live local to me!!

I belong to a Freecyle group (if you haven't heard of it, click here for more information). My particular group allows posts with information about things you can get and/or DO for free. This morning I was checking my emails, and found an offer that I thought was REALLY a good deal!

If you like to bowl, and have kids who like to bowl, you have to check this site out. I got on there and got FREE passes for all FIVE of the kids to bowl 2 games each, EVERY DAY this summer. Of course, shoe rental is extra, but it's only $1 each at my particular bowling center. There is a slight catch, which is if the parent wants to bowl, it's NOT free. However, I was able to purchase a pass for both Ande and I to bowl 2 games each EVERY DAY at a great price (we have to bowl WITH the kids, the passes can't be used unless they are there as well). For less than $25, ALL SEVEN OF US can go bowling every single day this summer. Obviously with shoes it will be a bit more, but when you consider the savings...well, I think it's worth it anyway! Even if we only go a few times, it's STILL a great deal!

For those of you who live locally, check out Rollhaven - they are offering a "Summer Blast Pass" for $40. The passes will be good on Wednesdays (1-4PM), Fridays (6-11PM) and Saturdays (1-5PM) May through August. Skate rentals are $3. Considering admission is usually about $6/person, that's a good deal as well - 2 weeks and you've gotten your money's worth.


Devin said...


Just one more reason I wish I lived closer! :-)

amanda said...

that is awesome! bowling can be so fun (if you don't care about the score... I am not very good).

plus its a nice change of pace for those not-so-sunny days! (or those way-too-muggy days)

good job!