Sunday, April 19, 2009

I even remembered to take my camera

yet I STILL managed to not take any pictures. *sigh*

Ande and I had a nice time in Ann Arbor Saturday night - we had gorgeous weather (upper 60's/lower 70's) which was perfect for walking around in. I wore shoes that were totally inappropriate for a walking adventure (high-heeled sandals which are VERY cute, but probably not meant for hiking around town in), but managed several hours of walking with no major issues (I didn't even trip or fall down once!). Like I could wear tennis shoes with the skirt I was wearing. As IF! (Although Ande forced me to bring them...such a sweetie!) Compared to the kinds of shoes some of the other women were wearing around down there, my shoes probably compared (comfort wise) to slippers! How a woman can walk anywhere in 4 inch stiletto heels is beyond me.

We ate a nice dinner at the Real Seafood Co. downtown. It's been there for about 35 years, and we had firsthand experience as to why during our meal. Ande ordered lobster (yuck), and one of the waitstaff offered to crack it for him. Ande agreed because he'd never eaten a whole lobster before. The moment the waiter cracked the lobster, he (the waiter) proclaimed that the lobster was overdone. After giving Ande some of the meat, the waiter took the remainder back and ordered a new lobster for Ande. About 30 seconds after that, our waitress came and said Ande would be getting a new lobster, and another minute later, one of the managers came to let us know the same (talk about covering your bases). I have never been to a restaurant that wanted SO much to make sure that the meal was satisfactory to the customer. The funny thing (well, to me anyway) was that A) Ande would have never known the difference had he cracked the lobster himself, and B) Ande actually said the meat from the first lobster actually tasted better than the second one. The meal was quite good (although I really have a hard time spending that much on food...even if it IS good). After that, we went to Starbucks and walked around a little more. There are a lot of cool little shops down there to browse, with things that you don't find at your local Wal-Mart, Target, or mall.

It's pretty fun to people watch in Ann Arbor - being that it's a college town, there are LOTS AND LOTS of college students. It's also a pretty "progressive" town, with lots of people who live lifestyles very different from ours. I always have fun checking out some of the "fashion" (I use that term VERY loosely here) that can be seen on any given day. Multi-colored hair is popular there as well.

Speaking of fashion, what is with the return of spandex pants? Seriously. I mean, most of the people I saw wearing them yesterday looked okay (meaning they weren't straining the very limit of stretch in the fabric), but it's not like spandex is exactly flattering on the vast majority of people or anything. Oh 80's, why oh why did your bright colors and ugly styles have to come back into fashion?? Well, I don't mind the colors so much I guess, but some of the styles are just awful.

Wow, that was random. To those of you who like spandex, and are possibly wearing it right now, I mean no offense. I just don't like it.

So anyway, we had a nice time sans children, and are looking forward to our next opportunity to go out and have some fun. (Which, in MY humble opinion NEEDS to be our trip to Chicago...I'm just sayin')

Oh, and a funny side note - I was making some little mini-pizzas (using Grands biscuits and turkey pepperoni, pretty darn good!) for the kids and Puckey was saying something to Bubber and Bug - I asked her what she said, and she turned around and said, "You just make the pizzas, Momma." I had a HARD time not laughing while I was telling her that we don't talk to grown ups like that...why do they have to be so darn cute while behaving so badly????


amanda said...

so glad you had a wonderful date night. Love the lobster story, Brad ♥'s lobster too...

People watching is such fun. Just wandering around with no particular place to be is fantastic!

I love the story about Puckey. I have told Walker a few times that "its a good thing you are so cute..." Not really sure what I mean by that...

Destini said...

I've often told boogie the same thing. This weekend we went up north and visited the in-laws. Somewhere in conversation, boogie told my mil that she would let her play with her now. Funny thing is my mil jumped right up and did it!

I'm so glad you and hubby were able to get out by yourselves! We often times get so wrapped up in the day to day and kiddie care stuff that we forget where it all began. Good for you! :)

Shelly said...

oh yay! for a romantic weekend! so glad you had a nice time without the kiddos!! sounds marvelous!

Devin said...

She is too funny, that one!

I'm so, so glad you both had fun. I am planning on emailing you back soon! :-)