Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Didja ever

mis-read a recipe and add too much (or too little) of a vital ingredient?

Today I *might* have *possibly* added just a touch *or tablespoon* too much ground chipotle pepper to a new bbq pulled chicken recipe I was making for dinner.

Now I LOVE hot & spicy food, so this wasn't a problem for me.  I liked it pretty well, although the sauce was a little too thin for my taste.  However, the main judge, jury, and often executioner of new recipes has yet to try it, so I'm wondering what he'll think of it.

What could Ande be doing that he'd miss dinner, you ask?  He's working on "Old Bessie" once again.  Perhaps you're familiar with her, perhaps not.  Click here for a refresher.  And WOW, it's been over two years since we bought it?  WHOA.

She's nearly all stripped down to nothing and we'll be rebuilding her basically from scratch.  Yeah.  Wish us luck.  LOL


amanda said...

I am forever messing up recipes, and I wish I knew why...

hopefully Ande liked it allright =)

I cannot wait to see Old Bessie when she's all fixed up =)

Julie said...

I know why I messed up this particular recipe - I had two ingredients that look VERY similar (smoked paprika and ground chipotle pepper) in the bottles, and it required a tsp of pepper and tbsp of paprika. No biggie, except I grabbed the pepper instead of the paprika. OOPS.

Ande said it was really good...until he discovered there were chile peppers in it. Then it got downgraded to "okay". *sigh* Maybe I'll have to tweak the recipe a bit.

We're excited to get Bessie up and running as well. Right now we're contemplating the importance of having a shower in it. It had a shower, but for space saving purposes we are considering NOT having one when we rebuild it.