Monday, March 3, 2008

Prayer request

My sister just emailed me about a friend of hers who needs prayer. The husband died while he was sleeping last night/this morning. He and his wife have not been married all that long, and she recently gave birth to a baby boy. The husband was raised Muslim, but converted to Christianity several years ago. His Muslim father had cut off contact with him, until the birth of the baby boy this past fall. The husband's family apparently is from a long line of royal lineage and has taken an extreme interest in this baby boy.

Please pray for Kathrina (the wife) as she is obviously going to have a lot on her plate right now with the loss of her husband. I imagine the husband's family may want to try to take custody of the son so that he can be raised Muslim. Prayers for her strength and perserverance, as well as protection for herself and the baby would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much.


12-arrows said...

Wow, and sometimes we have pity parties for ourselves. I will definitely add her onto my prayer list. Keep me updated as you hear as well.

Zac and Jenny said...

The situation kind of reminds me of the Sally Field movie... "Not Without my Daughter." That movie still haunts me to this day.

I will certainly keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers!

Zac and Jenny said...
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Lutz Family in OK said...

will be praying...for peace, strength, wisdom & endurance.

Julie said...

Thanks so much, I know that the family will so appreciate it!!!

Any updates I get, I will be sure to pass along!

AlaneM said...

Just prayed for her - how awful! I will think about her frequently.