Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yeah, God pretty much ROCKS.

The subtitle to this post should be "Heat, Glorious Heat." I'm sure the grammer in this post is terrible, but I pretty much typed this like I would have told it...

Well, I've been FREEZING my backside off all day (well, now that I think about it, is that REALLY a bad thing? I mean, I certainly COULD use a little less backside....). I got up this morning and the house was a little chilly. I think maybe one of the kids bumped the thermostat last night. Anyway, I turned up the thermostat and didn't think much more about it.

After I took Bug to school this morning, I remembered that I had bought a new furnace filter the other day, and figured I'd go ahead and change the filter while it was on my mind. (I usually have to do things this way, otherwise I wind up forgetting about them)

I changed the filter on the furnace and put the cover back on. A little while later, I noticed that it seemed to be getting colder in the house. And come to think of it, I hadn't heard the furnace kick on. Okay, no biggie, I'll just turn up the thermostat. Yeah, so I do that and NOTHING HAPPENS. Hmm...not good. I take the cover off of the furnace and look at it, as if I know what I'm doing. I wiggle a wire here, wiggle one there. Then I notice that one of the wires looks like it came unhooked. So I get a screwdriver and some wire strippers and fix that wire. I reassemble the furnace and turn it on. YIPPEE, it started right up!

Uh-oh, instead of heat, now the air conditioner is on. The thermostat is set on "heat" and the A/C is on? As Puckey would say, "What the heck? What the heck is going on around here?" I turned off the thermostat and just about started to cry. I'm not a big fan of the cold, and I'm starting to get pretty chilly. Ande is at work, and I can't just call him, so that's not an option. My father-in-law, who would gladly give someone the shirt off his back, knows absolutely NOTHING about home maintenance/repair stuff, so he would not be of any help. Hmm...what to do? Can't call a heating/cooling guy, we don't have the money. Guess I'll just freeze until Ande gets home. Well, I might as well bake some cupcakes, so at least the kitchen will warm up a little....(yeah, this is why my backside NEEDS to be a little less...LOL)

Ande ended up calling me, so I tell him what's going on. He doesn't know what to do, and says he'll have to look at it when he gets home. Man, that's like 4 or more hours away!!

Okay, I decide to go downstairs for one last try. I turn the furnace off and take the cover off of it. It's then that I notice another wire is loose. I get the screwdriver and the wire strippers back out, get the wire back in place, reassemble the furnace (again), and go upstairs to turn the thermostat back up. I listen for it, and hear the furnace come on. That's a good sign. I run downstairs and watch as the pilot light gets the burners going....l


So, I'm thrilled that God gave me "problem solving" skills. That way we didn't have to call a furnace repair guy and pay him a small fortune to reattach these two wires that I must have knocked loose when I was replacing the filter....I'm feeling pretty happy right now!

Now I'm going to take a nice hot shower to warm up. Yes, it's nearly 2:00PM and I'm just getting in the shower. I know some of you can relate. To those of you who can't...well, I don't know what to tell you.


12-arrows said...

oh man we have been there. This week in fact. I got up one morning at 4am to rock Victoria and it was freezing. I looked at the thermostat and it ready 60. I went and got Den up and he had to go restart it. Took a bit for it to warm up in here. Once everyone was up they all commented on how cold they had gotten in the night. I so understand. Glad God gave you the "know-how" to check out the furnace and fix it! Way to go. . . .Annie Camden would be proud (7th Heaven!)

Lutz Family in OK said...

Awesome problem-solving skills, indeed! Glad you are warming up, no shame in a 2pm shower...some days that's only a dream.

You type yours posts so conversationally...or at least that is how it comes across.

So glad you didn't have to pay the furnace guy to do the two-wire thing. Amen to the "God pretty much Rocks!"

Lutz Family in OK said...

and by, "yours posts", I mean 'your posts.' Maybe I should go back and take the typing test...

AlaneM said...

How funny, I had a similar problem today! I'm going to post about it after I get done reading blogs.
Glad you're warming up now :)

Kalynne Pudner said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And for repaying my Free-to-Be memory gift to you with an inoperative-furnace memory gift to me. (Like anyone can feel sorry for someone with an inoperative furnace in Alabama.) Not being as resourceful as you, I had to call an HVAC guy. And then another. And another. Because none of them could FIND the unit that wasn't working (we have four separate ones...yeah, yeah, I know; but remember, they're also AC units, and this is Alabama). It took the fourth contractor to find the screwed-in panel in the far back back of my one son's built-out-under-the-eaves closet.

Not only am I not resourceful, but I don't even know the layout of my own house. Geez.

The Journey Begins Here said...

Do you think you could skip on over to Phila and fix my garbage disposal? Theresa

Destini said...

Just so happens, I know a really good (and handsome) electrician who probably could have helped you out if worse came to worse...I am so glad that you were able to figure it out on your own...you go girl! Here's to heat! I've had some pretty awesome God Moments myself and continue to be amazed by His goodness. Have a great day!