Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a bunch of stuff

In order to get my mind off of needlessly worrying about finances, I have been trying to pay more attention to the good stuff going on in our house....

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Yes, that's a sock monkey (made by my mom) that Puckey tucked into our bed the other day.

Daddy is The Jib's new cupholder
This means that The Jib is finally "bottle free"! No more baba's. Whoo-HOO!!

Videos we've been watching:

Yeah, the big kids are LOVING this one (read with MUCH sarcasm). So far, Puckey has watched it 5 times, but doesn't have any interest in going potty. Apparently she's just watching it for the entertainment value?

School House Rock is pretty much the best I know of...and this set includes ALL of them, including your favorites like "Conjunction Junction" and "I'm Just a Bill." (You can thank me later for getting those songs stuck in your head) We told Ande's mom we'd like her to buy this one for Puckey for her birthday.

Ande and I have spent more time talking to each other lately. I mean, we have always talked, but it's usually about the kids or whatever. Recently, our conversations have held more depth (and sometimes laughter) than usual. It's pretty awesome.

The Jib is learning more and more new words every day. We've added:

  • "Becko" (You're welcome) It's so cute, because she knows how to use it properly.
  • Book
  • Down
  • Home
  • Potty
  • Puckey
  • Ride
  • Bike
  • Outside
  • Cold
  • Pool
  • "Muck" (Milk) - she can also do the sign language sign for it

Just yesterday, The Jib walked into our room, and she looked out our french doors into the backyard. You can see our pool from there, and she pointed and said, "Cold pool!" I love it!

Puckey and The Jib got a "new" ride a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of a local yard sale.

We went for a family bike ride yesterday. I got to try out my "new" bike. My mother in law gave me her bike, which is sorta like riding a lazy boy chair! (Pretty comfy).

However, even with all the comfort of the bike, I was left wondering just when I got so old and out of shape. My backside and thighs were feeling pretty rough by the time we got back home! I guess I'm going to have to start riding a little more often.

Bubber is now participating in "two-a-days" for football, which is just wearing him right out. He seems to like it, though, so I'm happy!! (Although he's eating us out of house and home!!)

Bug is excited about starting Middle School in a few weeks...although I think I'm going to have to start making her get up early pretty soon to get used to it. Right now it's after 10:00am and she's still asleep. (Meanwhile I've been up since about 6:45am)

Nans should be coming for a week at the end of this week or the beginning of next - it seems like FOREVER since we've seen her! We'll get to go school shopping with Grammy (my mother in law) while Nans is home, too. Always have fun doing that!

The bible study I've been doing is going well - it's still just the two of us, but I feel like I've learned some new stuff (and some stuff about myself) that I wouldn't have learned otherwise.

Thanks for all of the prayers you guys have sent my way - it's been effective! I feel more at ease than I did before, and things are looking better all the time. (Maybe part of my problem was hormones - you all know how that goes!)


amanda said...

oh the blasted hormones!

I think it helps looking on the positive side, and finding the silly things in each day... its just hard to stay down when you notice a sock monkey in your bed!

continued prayers as you travel this path...

12-arrows said...

dont' you just love those bike carts? I bought one this spring and love it, but I did get saddle sore and found an awesome "old lady" seat for my back with gel inserts and its "marvelous"! Your little one is developing quite a vocabulary. Mine, well she has everyone to talk for her. She can say words "when she wants too". We never hit the bottle stage, first time with 12 kids, we went straight to a sippy cup! What a blessing but we do have a passie! UGH it will be hard for her to give that up its a definite sense of security for her.

Shelly said...

we watched that say video for amelie with potty training--i strongly disliked it! elmo potty is much more interesting for the mama!

Destini said...

We had the potty book...Steven read it to the girls with a french accent becaue it mentioned the wee wee and poo poo...quite hilarious. We never had the videos. What really worked for Boogie was last summer when our neices and nephews came to spend the weekend, she really wanted to wear "undawares" like the big kids. I told her that she couldn't because she would just go potty in them. She made up her mind that she wouldn't...and she didn't!

12-arrows said...

Julie Julie Julie where are you these days????? I am sure you must be a busy lady.I have missed your blogging.

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

I agree.....I miss my dose of daily Julie blogs. She keeps popping in on my blog but nother here....*sigh*

Anyone know where Julie is? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?